Bubpods Weighted Sleep Sack

$69.00 AUD
A soft and cozy sleep sack to help your baby get a good night’s sleep. Better sleep in 1-3 nights. Our weighted calming cloud uses Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) to apply gentle pressure to your baby’s chest, calming their mind and cueing their bodies to sleep.  Simulates Swaddling, helping to soothe you're and calm your baby into a peaceful slumber.  Made from 100% Cotton and weighted with non-toxic polyfill. Gorgeously soft, comfortable, and breathable — perfect for delicate skin and year-round comfort. Adjustable Sizing button snaps so the suit can grow as your little ones do. A two-way zipper allows for easy nappy changes in the night.  Perfect for Transitioning Sleepers. Our sleep sack can be worn both forwards and backward; Great for babies who are transitioning to tummy time and sleeping on their bellies.  Hygienic and machine washable, handy for accidents and spills, and to keep your baby safe. Choose from three sizes: Small (0-6 months), Medium (6-12 months), and Large (12 - 24 months). The perfect gift for baby showers and birthdays. Designed and shipped from within Australia to ensure quality, safety and speedy delivery.
Each order is lovingly gift wrapped by hand, making it the
perfect present
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30-day replacement warranty
30-day money-back guarantee
Made from high-quality TPU-Foam (non-toxic, no-nasties, child-friendly foam) for maximum comfort and protection
1.5cm of high-density foam protects your baby from falls, stumbles, and tumbles — 3 times thicker than most yoga mats.
Waterproof, dustproof and anti-microbial… protects your carpet from dirt and spills. Simply wipe clean with soapy water or non toxic cleaners
Reversible designs mean double the fun and double the usage
Heavy duty yet lightweight and easy to carry. Roll it up and secure with the velcro straps to carry it wherever you go
Aesthetic, subtle, minimalistic design turns this mat into a feature point in any room — instead of an ABC mat eyesore.
Choose from 6 cute colours and prints to add texture, style and colour to any room. The perfect gift for baby showers and newborns.
TPU Mat Size Dimensions are 2 meters by 1.4 meters, the perfect size for your living room or nursery.

Why Choose Our TPU Playmat?

Our TPU Playmat creates an adorable safe space for your gorgeous little one to explore the world and play. Not only does the mat create a hygienically clean barrier between baby and floor — but the high density foam protects their heads and bones from falls on hard floors… very hand for when little one is learning to sit or stand, climbing everything in sight!

Because of the large but unimposing size, the mat is perfect for play dates and picnics with friends — there’s nothing better than relaxing in a park with friends, wine, and little one, knowing that they’re safe from falls, dirt, and bugs.

Soft and Safe
Tummy Time & Playtime
Baby Proof. Pet Proof. Parent Proof.
Assists with Healthy Development
Non-toxic, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly
From The Little Moments To The Milestones — We’re With You Every Laugh, Giggle, And Smile
Watching your baby explore, develop and grow is one of the most rewarding parts of being a parent. Which is why giving your bub a safe and comfortable environment to flourish in is important.
By using our TPU play-mat, you’re giving your little one a gorgeously cosy place to grow. Meaning you get to experience more of those moments that make you smile.
Whether it’s your baby’s gleeful giggles as they discover their fingers and toes
Or the triumph of sitting up by themselves — your mat is with you and your baby every step of the way.


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My foam playmat isn't laying flat against the floor... What do I do?