Quilted French Linen Play Mat - Olive

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Beautiful Babymats made from plush French Linen. 100% natural and ecologically sound, our linen Babymat adds a touch of coziness to playtime.
Each order is lovingly gift wrapped by hand, making it the
perfect present
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30-day money-back guarantee
6-month full replacement warranty
Made from 100% Plush French Linen and filled with non-toxic polyester. Gorgeously soft — perfect for delicate skin.
Perfect for tummy time and playtime, both linked to essential development.
Insulates and protects your baby from cold, hard floors, making playtime safer with extra cushioning to protect from falls and tumbles.
Our French Linen is ecologically sound, sustainably sourced, and ultra-durable giving you a long-lasting and environmentally friendly play-mat.
Lightweight and portable. Fold it up and pop it in the fashionable carry bag — perfect for play dates with friends or picnics at the park
Hygienic and machine washable, handy for accidental spills and to keep your baby safe
Choose from 4 stunning colours to add texture, style and colour to any room. The perfect gift for baby showers and newborns.
Our Quilted Mat is 115cm long in diameter, giving you the perfect on-the-go playmat for playdates, picnics, and tummy time at home.

Why Choose Our French Linen Play-Mat?

Your baby is precious and playtime is an essential part of their day. They deserve a comfortable environment to explore, grow and flourish. 

Our luxurious French linen play-mats have a plush design that creates a soft and safe environment, perfect for tummy time and play — encouraging healthy physical and cognitive development.

Quilted French Linen
Great for Tummy Time & Play
Durable & Machine Washable Design
Gorgeous Design and Warm, Subtle Tones
Non-toxic, Safe, and Environmentally Friendly
From The Little Moments To The Milestones — We’re With You Every Laugh, Giggle, And Smile
Watching your baby explore, develop and grow is one of the most rewarding parts of being a parent. Which is why giving your bub a safe and comfortable environment to flourish in is important.
By using our French Linen play-mat, you’re giving your little one a gorgeously cosy place to grow. Meaning you get to experience more of those moments that make you smile.
Whether it’s your baby’s gleeful giggles as they discover their fingers and toes..
Or the triumph of sitting up by themselves — your babymat is with you and your baby every step of the way.


What are the dimensions?

Is it safe for my baby?

Are your mats environmentally friendly?

Will the mat gather dust?

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What about the materials, are they sustainable?

How do I keep it clean?

Can I vacuum my mat?

How much is shipping and where is it shipped from?

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